Braeside Garden - Testimonial

Braeside Garden - Testimonial

Testimonials are only of value if they come from real people. In our testimonial series of videos we interview our clients in their garden and have them talk about the process of working with us. We hope you can relate to some of what they are saying and can use some of their comments as jumping off points for a discussion with us about your future garden.

Braeside Before 01
Before Renovations and Landscaping
Front Garden

Front yard


The gas firepit takes the edge off a chilly evening.

Patio from inside
View from the dining room.
Patio from outside

View back toward the residence.

Stone wall

Backyard wall feature – hiding a storage area

About the Author

Clayton Ditzler

Clayton Ditzler

Clayton Ditzler is a Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) and has worked for The Landscape Artist Inc since 1989. He welcomes you to connect with questions or feedback any time.

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