Functional Landscaping Tip #7 All fired up

Functional Landscaping Tip #7 All fired up

One of ten tips to turn your backyard into a unique space

Often, we are drawn to things deeply rooted within our psyche. One of these things happens to be fire. Who does not enjoy an evening gathered around an open campfire with the warm glow reflecting off everyone’s faces? It is a place where you and your family can tell stories, share food and drink all while relaxing and unwinding by the fire.

In today’s landscapes a firepit can take many forms and be constructed out a variety of materials. Natural stone is more traditional, but if you are watching your budget, firepits can be constructed from modular concrete products, which, are in fact, being used much more frequently. These are often made from the same materials as pavers and retaining wall products, so everything blends well together in terms of colours and textures. Round shapes are still quite common, but square and rectangular firepits are also coming on the scene to co-ordinate with the rectilinear lines of today's more modern landscapes.

Regardless of the shape, firepits can be a traditional wood-burning or have the ‘instant on/instant off’ convenience of a gas-fired insert. As with all outdoor construction, you should check your local bylaws first to be sure your firepit complies with all codes.

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