Calgary Home & Garden Show 2017

H&G Show 2017 Tips


The Calgary Home & Garden Show 2017 is the premier event for all thing home and garden related. Starting Thursday Mar 2, 2017 and running thru Sunday March 5, 2017.  We’ve been exhibiting at this event since its inception and it’s a great kick off to the season.  Here’s how to maximize your visit:

Before the show:

  1. Get discount tickets ahead of time.  Skip the line at the show and save yourself $3 each.
  2. Check out all the events that are happening from speakers to beer gardens. Plan your trip to accommodate seeing your favorite celebrity or speaker.
  3. Watch our social media feeds – we’ll update changes to schedule or if we see something of special interest it’ll be there.  Even if its just who has the sweetest smelling hyacinths.
  4. Consider coming Thursday or come early or late to beat the crowds.  The only times we sometimes miss speaking with people is mid-day on Saturday and Sunday.  We’d rather that didn’t happen to you.

At the show

  1. Visit us in Booth #691 – in the BMO centre right where the breezeway to the Corral connects.  Say hello, review the photos on display, albums and tablets.  Ask lots of questions.  Keep in mind we’ve been in business almost 40 years and some of our best work is on display.  We certainly do small properties with modest budgets just as well as we install premium features on estate projects.  Tell us what you are interested in, chances are we can show you a similar project we have done that we can draw inspiration from.
  2. Our booth this year will be staffed by Peter, owner and head of sales, Ric, our general manager, Clayton, our landscape designer, and Kelly, head of our soft-scaping install crew.  This means you get to pose your questions directly to the key staff members you’ll be working with on your project.
  3. If you have a project in mind bring a few photos and things with you to show us but don’t expect to get too specific.  That level of detail is best saved for an onsite consultation with us after the show, which is no charge.  You can read or watch a video about that here: 
  4. Take a card or leave your contact info and we’ll contact you after the show if you prefer.  The time period right after the show is a perfect time to discuss your project, even if there is still some snow on the ground.  This gives us lots of time to get the design done, if required, and prepare the necessary details so we are ready to go when the weather warms.
  5. At the Home and Garden show you have the opportunity to ‘test drive’ various companies.  Get a feel for who you think is a good fit for you.  You are going to be making a significant investment, this is a good chance to compare your options.  Keep in mind what happens when you are offered something like a design for ‘free’ or a design cost refunded if you proceed with a project.  Those items become part of the package cost regardless.  We keep the costs of everything up front and above board.

    So that’s a start!  We hope to see you there.

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Clayton Ditzler

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