Elbow Park Feature

Located in the south-west Calgary community of Elbow Park, this wonderfully maintained home required an outdoor space for entertaining to replace the outgrown play area as the family grew. This property now features a gas fireplace, generous patio, and complimentary landscaping with an eye toward privacy and low maintenance.

As the space was modest we were careful to design this garden for maximum useable space in scale with the site. The fireplace functions to provide a warm ‘living room’ style patio space for entertaining and relaxing, especially in the evenings. This fireplace design with the ‘wing’ benches and cultured stone finish becomes the focal point from the raised deck and house plus provides a measure of privacy when down in the garden.

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112 ElbowPk 5258
213 ElbowPk 7655
200 ElbowPk 7635
205 ElbowPk 7643
105 ElbowPk 5251
104 ElbowPk 5250
211 ElbowPk 7652

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